When Are You A Failure?


Maybe this is going to be a new thing for me. Motivational Wednesdays. Since there are often a lot of “down moments” in an author’s life, a quick chin-up blog post doesn’t sound bad, right? I didn’t think so. Hugs, high-fives, and encouraging words are always welcomed in my book.

So what’s on today’s plate? It’s failure. Served with a side of self-pity and a “I suck at life” dessert.

Also known as moments where we stay in bed for much longer than any healthy human should. Oh! And for some of us, it’s the moment when we’ve been found crying into a (possibly second or third) pint of ice cream.

Let’s Turn That Frown Upside Down:

For those days when you look at that *insert reason here* (example: rejection letter, bad review, nasty troll comment, entire group/website dedicated to hating your work or possibly you as a human), remember to keep your chin held high. Easier said than done, I know. But it must be done. Honestly, when has self-loathing and depression ever made us productive? If it makes you feel better, consider looking at success like this: part talent, hard work, timing, luck, and a number of other unknown-universal-out-of-your-control factors. Do not let ONE, two, or a hundred minor setbacks keep you from following your dreams. Push forward and write. Write more than you ever have before. Write for you. Write for that someone out there that will like your hard work.

If your “failure” is…

  • …that you have been rejected: Print out that manuscript and find another person to send your work to. Many amazing writers have been rejected and you will be no exception. But your time will come.
  • …that you don’t have anyone buying your book: Write another one and double your chances of being found. It’s true. It’s also why some people churn out a million books within a year. Whatever you do, just put in an honest effort.
  • …that you can’t write a single sentence that is worthy or feels right: Think of this as your first draft, now free write. Are you writing your novel live? Is there someone judging you as you struggle to type out every single word? If so, I can understand your performance anxiety/issue. In that case, I’d be a failure at that task too… So, you might want to consider keeping your writing time private — it could make things easier for you. 😉 Your computer won’t judge too harshly. I take that back, have you ever experienced a sea of green, blue, and red squiggles under your words? Oy.

No matter what you believe your failure is… Forge ahead! The battle is yours to win or lose. It is literally something you can control. Remember that time you learned to ride a bike? You fell. But did that stop you from trying? How about learning cursive in school? Or your first swim lesson? The point is, sometimes we fall. What matters is that we get back up. Take an hour, a day, or a month break if you need to. But the important thing is that you come back. Come back to your dreams with your head on straight and tackle this goal of being a writer one step at a time. Tackle one word, then a sentence, and soon you’ll have yourself a paragraph.

Develop your skills, find your path, and follow your own yellow brick road. When you give up, that moment you throw in the towel on your dream, that is when you’re a failure. If you really want this, there is a world out there that is ready for your work. And you are the only one that can deliver it in your own unique way. Why deprive us all? Don’t be a selfish word hoarder.

Happy Wednesday! Congratulate yourself, you’ve finished the post. 😀

In the comment box below, tell me if you’ve every felt like this. Share your experience and how you pulled yourself out of it.